2019 Honda Kids Camps Dates







How Do WE Qualify:   To attend the camp you need to have someone in your family who is 14 years or younger and you need to have your own motorcycle, quad or sideXside but remember for farm type quads and Side X Sides you have to be 16 yrs or over. Kids quads are OK for the kids but not farm quads.  You don't need to have a Honda, any brand is welcome.  Older family members are also welcome but they must understand and abide by the Honda Kids Campout ethos.



If you have attended the campouts in the past and have grown too old but still want to come and love the ethos of the camps and can join in then contact us and i am sure you will be welcome.



The Honda Kids Campouts have a Kids priority ethos where Kids have RIGHT OF WAY no matter what. So adults and older children have to take extreme care if our riding and give way in all situations.  We expect, NO DEMAND, that everyone rides safely with consideration for others. Kids can be unpredictable so everyone has to be aware and considerate.  Its not too much to ask and even easier to enforce as regular camp goers help with this ethos soo.


We do not allow doubling (passengers) on farm type quads.  This is a requirement we enforce for safety.


The Honda Kids Camps are unique in that they cater 100% for KIDS with a bonus ride for Adults where available. This is not a full blown long trail ride thus the focus is on providing great kids tracks that the whole family can enjoy.   Not only is there Motorcycle Riding, there are heaps of activities that capture the imagination of kids sugh as: 

Quiz Night, In the Bag Night, Treasure Hunt, Lolly Scrambles, Running Races, Tug O War, Spotlight, Broxy Games, Broxy Coaching, Castrol workshop, Colouring competition, Best Camp Competition, Gymkhana skill/speed test, Swimming, Hill Climbing and much much more.


You need to bring your own motorcycles, quads or Side X Sides to the campouts. This is a camp where you ride your bikes all day and play all evening.  So Much fun


Everyone CAMPS:  It could be Motor Home, Truck, Van, Tent, Trailer or even just a tarpaulin. Make yourself comfortable and mingle.  You need to bring your own food and drinking water, accommodation and cooking facilities.  this is real camping with no camp ground.


We do supply Toilets and Hot showers for your convenience.


Parents must supervise Children  -  We provide the activities, you look after your Kids so a parent has to be at the camp the whole time the child is at camp.


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