BIG Bike Tour

Three Days of Fun

Coming over 25/ 26/27 January is the BIG bike Tour starting in the North Waikato heading down the North Island West Coast on Saturday, overnighting at Marokopa. Returning north via an inland route on the Sunday.

This Tour is designed for those wanting a great weekend riding, some excellent company and a course designed so that everyone can enjoy the scenery and the joys or riding your BIG adventure bike.

Maximum of 15 Bikes


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BIG Bikes accepted without question.  Small trailies will be welcome should we have spare spaces but not gauranteed.  BIG Bikes get preference. There will NOT be hard loops for Trailies.


This is a Tag Along Tour meaning Guided for the whole journey travelling at a modest pace taking in the views and terrain provided. There will be a mixture of Sealed Road, back country Gravel Road, Forestry Roads, Farm Roads and depending on weather, some more adventurous trails gaurantgeed passable by BIG bikes wih average pilots. So no silly biuke damaging terrain, no wet slippery hills or bogs and definitely no big rocks or the like. 


Greg wilkl be guiding on his Transalp 650 which is a touring adventure bike so you can be gauranteed that there wont be impassible terrain.  Beriong guided, Greg will be able to change the course as he goes to take in the conditions of the day. An example is that we may get to ride some smooth bulldozed clay tracks if dry but will be left out if they are not in perfecgt condition.


There will be some farm land with gravel tracks, a few paddocks (if dry) and lots of sites to stop at and enjoy.  Thiungs like wind mills, water falls, caves, cliff views, villages, cafes, glow worms, beaches and much more to enjoy on the tour.


Accomodation will be varied from private cabins, home stay houses, bookabatch and in Greg and Sally's 8 bed beach house.  Price options for accomodatgion will be advertisied shortly and of coutrse there is the camping option for the real hardy.


Sally will lelap frog the course in a large Van which will carry your luggage and if absolutely necessary, pick up any stray bikes that may fall by the wayside.  We don't anticipate this though.


Morning and Afternoon Teas and Lunches will be purchased at cafes along the route with Dinner and Breakfast included with the registration fee at the Power House,  Marakopa (Greg & Sallys Beach House).


BYO alcoholic refreshments (Tea & Coffee provided at the Power House.


Pre Bookiongs only, A great attitude is required and FUN must be had by all.


The registration forms will be published in due course.  In the mean time contact Greg on 0274454429 or