HONDA Safaris (SxS & QUAD only)

Maramarua Honda Red Horse Day/Night Safari

Event being planned as you read

A Unique event that starts at 4 pm with a quick drive and some driving skills exercises near the camp.  Also a chance to tackle Everest and maybe even K2 depending on the weather.

Then its back to the HQ for a BBQ dinner and we are off to the three forest blocks and two farms for a night tour.  This was really exciting last year.  Whilst it is a little slower than a day tour it is heaps of fun.  You will need a light bar to see where you are going plus all the normal gear as below.  It is amazing how different the forestg is in the dark.

When we get back we can have some soup and refreshments. BYO refreshments.


Pre registrations only - NO DAY ENTRIES
Limited to 35 vehicles so be in quick as we turned vehicles away last event.


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A HONDA Safari is a Quad and Side X Side only Tour over Farmland, Forest and more. They are follow the leader events and travel at the speed of the slowest driver. It is not a race but a tour to check out the surrounding fauna and flora. We usually get to see some great sites and the bottoms of some great bogs plus everything in between.

All the HONDA Safaris are PRE REGISTRATION.   This is essential for the organisation, food order and of course notifying land access numbers to farmers etc.

All vehicles must be 4WD unless otherwise notified.

All drivers and passengers must wear an approved Quad or motorcycle helmet.  No bicycle helmets permitted on these tours. 

All Drivers must be 16 yrs or Over

No pillion riders on Quads no matter whether they be two seaters or not.

No sharp/pointed carriers on Quads (eg standard holders) and NO hard roll over bars/cages on quads

All vehicles need to carry a 6 mete recovery rope on the front of their vehicle with quick access.

Excellent condition tyres essential - if your tyres are too worn you may not start.

It is suggested to carry:

Extra dry clothing;  first aid kit;  small tool kit;  spark plug;  puncture repair;  tyre inflating device: drinking water;  snacks; spare gloves; good condition tyres:  reliable vehicle.