CASTROL Basic Motorcycle Maintence Course


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Paeroa    Saturday 27th August 2016

We cover basic motorcycle set up such as:  Lubricants, Filters, Suspension, Handlebars & Controls, Tyres, Brakes, Clutch and Drive Train.

We also impart 40 Years of experience, quick tips and ideas not normally found in manuals or magazines.

We discuss riding equipment, safety gear and necessary tools to carry.

And the best thing is that you bring your own bike along and work on that so at the end of the day your bike is set up and ready to go.

The course starts at 9 am through to 4 pm.  


Tips and advice on basic motorcycle maintenance needed to keep your motorcycle on the trail or race event.  these are things you can do yourself with basic tools and a little common sense.  Ways to get you out of the trail if you break down, The easy way to do maintenance. Things you never thought of.


This course will save you hundreds of dollars you would normally spend at the bike shop.  Save money for things you really need like tyres and coaching.

So if you are a beginner or even experienced and want to know the tips the pros use then register and have a great day on the tools. 


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ONLY 15 People only on this personalised course.


The course costs $160 per person includes Lunch

Castrol are providing some free product for you to use and take home. What a bonus!


Email: to register for the course. or call 027 4454429