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ISDE 2011















Jorma our friendly Fin gets the honourof leading the Parade



The team did well gaining 3rd in the World Club Team Challenge.




































































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Here we are at Kotka in Finland for the ISDE. It is all go!   The bikes are all prepared and ready for racing.  The boys went out yesterday to have a bit of a ride and all went well.  Yesterday we went out and purhased some O Ring chain and fitted them yesterday afternoon along with a dirrerent size sprocket on the back.  Right now the guys are fitting the Wellards Graphics and then it is Technical inspection at 1 pm after which the bikes head into Parc Ferme (lock up) ready for the start on Monday morning.

Hiccup!  the only hiccup so far has been the requirement to run a speedo.  This hasn't happened for quite a few years now but the Finnish Policei have determined that we must.  So Dale headed off to a Puch Bike Shop this morning and purchased three electronic speedos which were fitted this morning to complete the requirements.

The Trip over was a mission.  We had two long flights which were really taxing.  Jet lag is a prolbem for a couple of people like Greg but the boys seem to have recovered well.  Karl had a flu whe he arrived but has shaken that off now. Chrishad a headache for a couple of days but is not fine and Adrian just needs a haircut.

The team is working well and everyone is doing what is needed as we find things that need sorting. Jorma is a local guy that is more than helpful.  He is sorting out any local problems.  We headed off to his workshop to use his Steam Cleaner to prepare the bikes for stickering.  Invaluable.

So this afternoonte boys will be walking some of the special tests and we will be getting some well earned rest.

The Parade is on Saturday but is not a big affair this time.  Only a limited number of people allowed in. Bit of a bummer really. The Media Passes Greg has secured through DRD magazine are invaluable as they let us into everywhere thus letting us use the other passes amongst the prople who are helping us out.

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